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Missing Link

Missing Link

Stay Classy x Timber x Visionary

Bred by Tres Amigos

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MISSING LINK!! This exciting young boar is our weanling boar purchase from Tres Amigos Showpigs at the 2022 Perfect Timing Pig Sale! When the guys at Tres gave us a heads up that they were taking a pair of Stay Classy boars that were a result of using frozen Stay Classy semen back on a Timber gilt that is a littermate to the $65,000 weanling gilt they sold at the 2021 King’s Of The Hill! This sows pedigree reads (Timber x 1-4 Eclipse x Visionary), with that 1-4 Eclipse sow that as a show gilt was the 2018 Indiana State Fair Jr Show Champion Heavyweight Crossbred Gilt! She has proven herself to be a true generator and is well known as being the mother of the famous 35 litter Never Before sows at Tres Amigos (35-4 is the mother of The Reckoning, American Classic, and 5 Star)! With MISSING LINK being sired by Stay Classy, back on a ¾ sister to those 35 litter sows, it all adds up to a genetic package that is extremely close in relation to those boars mentioned and we are very excited to see what he can do to further add to this sow family’s legacy! This boar is THE Stay Classy son we have been hoping that frozen semen could make possible, and we thank our friends at Tres Amigos for making that a reality. He is the MISSING LINK!

MISSING LINK reminds us so much of his legendary sire, Stay Classy! We always though that Stay Classy just had a very special presence and build that made him one of the most unique boars we have ever seen, and one of our favorite boars we have ever owned here at PBG! MISSING LINK provides that same elite look, build, and design that made his sire famous. He is extremely tall at the point of his shoulder, with wild look through his head and neck! As alluded to above, MISSING LINK provides an unforgettable look from the side, being jet level in his build, short backed, and loaded with “it” factor! His hip is long and level, while still offering the ideal slop that allows his hind leg to function with comfort and ease. The Timber influence can be seen in MISSING LENGTH with his added stoutness of feature, width, and overall power! He comes at you with impressive width of chest and opens with great shape to his forerib and mid body. As you study the topside of his skeleton, he exhibits big spring to his upper rib, and maintains this dimension down through his flank. He has a big, fat tail root that sits on top of a muscular hip, and he carries this product down through his rump, with flair to his inner thigh muscle. When set in motion, he maintains squareness of build and impresses with the length of stride he takes, reaching and planting with exceptional range of motion. Like we said above, this is the Stay Classy son we were hoping the utilization of frozen semen could provide, and there was no doubt when we saw him in the preview at PT, he was coming to PBG. He is the MISSING LINK!!!