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Game Face

Game Face

End Game x Never Before (Roll Call's Mom)

Bred by Goss Livestock

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It’s time to put on your GAME FACE!!! We purchased this boar as a weanling prospect for $50,000 from Goss Livestock at the 2022 Perfect Timing Pig Sale! We think GAME FACE is a spitting image of his legendary sire—End Game! Blake Goss snapped a picture of this pig when he was literally dripping wet nursing after just being born, and its safe to say he turned into what we all thought he had potential to be! GAME FACE is sired by End Game (Never Before x Undisputed), the Trogdon boar here at PBG that is one of our all-time favorites and is more popular and relevant today than ever! GAME FACE’S mother is a Never Before x Short Bus sow that is also more famously known as Roll Call’s mom!!! That sow is a littermate to 2020 American Royal Reserve Middleweight Cross Gilt! That makes GAME FACE a tightly double bred Never Before, further increasing our confidence in his future generating ability as a sire! We truly believe that GAME FACE is a 2023 version of End Game and we cannot wait to watch the impact he makes generating champions for years to come! When you step into the ring, you better have your GAME FACE!!!

GAME FACE is a boar that comes along at a time where his most impressive traits are in incredibly high demand! He is a boar that can “fix” a lot of issues, while still providing all the “ests” necessary to win big in todays show climate! GAME FACE is absolutely perfect in his design and build, being tall at the point of his shoulder blade, flexible in his spine (while still being very strong in his topline) with an immaculate hip and rump design. His hip is big and square and he carries this mass down through to a thick, full rump! The way his hind leg can plant and drive with flex and reach is so impressive, exhibiting perfect squareness with an ideal angle from his hock to the ground. His legs are big and he is stout at every feature from his skull to his massive, hairy tail root! We love his maturity pattern and he has been a boar that has been so fun to watch through every stage of his development! As we mentioned above, GAME FACE still offers some extreme pieces and reads like a very versatile boar that can be used on almost any kind of sow, producing elite results. In addition, as it is becoming more difficult to make traditional belted Hampshire-classifying barrows in the Southwest, GAME FACE has a wide, symmetrical belt, which should help with those trying to make belted hogs in the southwest barrow rings! The Goss Livestock crew is absolutely on fire, and we think GAME FACE exemplifies the reason they are successful time after time, from coast to coast---they consistently produce pigs that are just flat-out good livestock!!! When the stakes are high in the big rings, it’s always a good idea to put on your GAME FACE!!!