Out Cold

Out Cold

Knockout x Big Step x Stoked

Bred by Chandler Ryan Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 31-10    Reg#: 658312010

OUT COLD is our private treaty Yorkshire boar purchase from Chandler Ryan Showpigs!! After seeing a video of this boar on Chandler’s snap chat, we immediately reached out for more information and were very intrigued in the breeding value he offered to go along with his unique phenotypic traits. Sometimes it takes one of these more extreme boars that has really far-reaching pieces to make a change and OUT COLD is definitely a Yorkshire boar that offers those kinds of traits!! We think his breeding value is absolutely off the charts, tying in so many recent legendary Yorkshire boars and sows into one genetic package!! Sired by the very successful Knockout (Times Up x Leaps x Bounds) boar that came out of one of the best and winningest Yorkshire litters of all time! When you dig deeper into OUT COLD’S pedigree, it’s exciting to see he combines that legendary Kilmer Leaps & Bounds sow, the great Big Step boar, and then adds a unique twist with his grandmother being a Stoked sired sow that was bred by DJ Sanders that was the 2019 OYE Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt!! That is one very potent Yorkshire genetic package! We think this unique boar will deliver a punch and produce offspring that will leave their competition knocked “OUT COLD”!!!

As we described above, OUT COLD offers some VERY extreme pieces to offer Yorkshire breed progress!! Even more importantly, he offers these extras while still maintaining supreme structural integrity and correctness of build to consistently produce high quality stock!! OUT COLD is such an outlier for the breed in his ability to be a more moderate framed boar that is still extended and attractive through his head and neck and extra-long hipped! From the side, he paints a perfect picture, being tall shouldered, maintains strength to his top line, and just reads like one that has that special kind of presence that gives us belief that he can consistently breed on and make Yorkshire’s that can stand out on the biggest stages and compete for the “Grand Overall” titles!! OUT COLD is an incredibly heavy boned, big footed boar that maintains proper maturity to that bone work and reads truly stout at every indicator from his masculine skull and jaw, to the width between his eyes, all the way back to a big thick tail root!! Sometimes it can take a big swing to make a change and we think this one can leave them knocked OUT COLD!!!

Winter 2022 Off-Season
(Oct 13 - Feb 15)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)