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Bank On It

Bank On It

Icon x No Regret

Bred by Hofschulte Genetics

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BANK ON IT!! This exciting young boar is our $70,000 weanling boar we purchased from Hofschulte Genetics at the ‘22 Kings Of The Hill pig sale! We started hearing about this boar taking to the crew at Hofschulte’s in the weeks leading up to King’s and had seen some pictures on snap chat that sure looked exciting, so we were excited to see him down there at the sale in Ft. Worth. He definitely lived up to the hype and surpassed it, and while watching the preview we loved him and we identified him as one we thought was a very special young boar prospect! Talking with the Hofschulte’s it was obvious to see how much faith they had in this pig, calling him the one they had been trying to make! He is sired by the popular Icon (Next Intention x Square Edge x Blue Cat) boar that Hofschulte purchased from G & S Swine as a weanling last fall! The No Regret x Best Man sow that is the mother of BANK ON IT holds the key to greatness as they describe her as one of their very best sows that has also produced the Centerpiece boar there at HG! It is always fun to buy elite young boars backed by a proven genetic background from firms that consistently get it done and that you can count on to generate offspring that win big—-you can BANK ON IT!!!

BANK ON IT is a boar that will immediately grab your attention and won’t let go. He offers an incredible natural presence with a deadly look through his front end, exhibiting a very stout skull and masculine jaw, all while combining that with a freakishly long neck and tight throat! He explodes out of the backside of his blade and opens with a crazy amount of spread and dimension, maintaining a deep groove all the way back. His muscle pattern is very defined and crisp, with a sharp turn to his loin edge. BANK ON IT has a big, steer-like hip and maintains mass and product down through his rump to his stifle. As he is set in motion, he glides with a rare kind of flexibility and athleticism that is very hard to find! BANK ON IT comes and goes with tremendous width and power and is so square and proportional from every angle! As we mentioned briefly above, when you find a boar that looks like this, backed by an elite genetic package, and from a firm as consistently successful as the Hofschulte’s, it all adds up to a package that is as close as you can get to a sure bet! You can BANK ON IT!!!