Smooth Move

Smooth Move

Shifty x Noise Complain

Bred by Winter Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN: 77-4    Reg#: 180694004

SMOOTH MOVE! This impressive Spot boar is our weanling boar purchase from Winter Livestock’s online sale this Fall! We saw this boars picture on social media in their sale promotion and he immediately grabbed our attention! This breed is one of the tougher ones to identify the Spot boars that have the right parts and pieces needed to generate and make breed improvement, but we thought this one had some traits that we thought offered unlimited potential! SMOOTH MOVE is sired by Shifty (Momentum x Lampoon) at Winter Livestock and his dam is the Noise Complaint sow that has been so successful including being the mother of the 2020 NAILE Champion Spot Barrow! That pedigree is stacked with some of the most influential Spot boars of recent times, culminating in one dynamic Spotted pedigree! We believe this boar can make some big changes and become a big time sire of Spotted barrows and gilts that can win at the very highest levels of competition. Use this boar with the utmost confidence---SMOOTH MOVE!

SMOOTH MOVE hits us extremely hard as a boar that can be used on so many different types and kinds of Spotted females with high levels of success! He is so complete in his general build and construction, offering the perfect frame size and body length to make those dominating junior show gilts, coupled with the extreme width, power, and stoutness to make those show barrows that rise to the top! He is a bold centered hog that is very stout and rugged in his makeup. He offers a shapely back, working back to a big square hip, and thick rump. As he drives at you, he is big chested, while maintaining that width and squareness down through his knee to the ground, with none of the “spot twist” there at his front ankle and foot. SMOOTH MOVE is a heavy boned, big footed boar that is so good in his joint work and his angle off both ends. SMOOTH MOVE is so athletic in motion, and we expect him to produce offspring that can outlast the competition on the long drives to the top! Use this boar on your best Spot females and get ready to have some fun. SMOOTH MOVE!!

2023 Fall In-Season
(Aug 1 - Oct 11)
(After 11am)
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