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Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded

Major League x Building Speed

Bred by PBG (Brockman Bred Sow)

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BASES LOADED! This stout young boar is one we raised here at Premium Blend Genetics out of a bred sow we purchased in Brockman Farms Spring ’22 Production Sale! He is sired by Major League (My Intention x Kingpin), who is one of the most popular boars we haver ever had on stud here at PBG! His pigs were in high demand during sale season and as his pigs have started to hit the show ring, it appears that they will live up to his hype, They are winning early and often and we have very high expectations as the show season progresses! The mother of BASES LOADED is a (Building Speed x "Diamond") As we stated above, this sow "81-7”, was our $30,000 bred sow purchase from Brockman Farms in their Spring Farm Sale! She is so impressive from a visual standpoint, with a genetic makeup stacked with years of success at the highest levels!! She is most famously known as the mother of Kam's Grand Champion Overall Barrow at the 2021 State Fair Of Texas (Dallas)!! She has also produced numerous class winning, second place, and other high placing individuals at Southwest Majors, in addition to being the mother of Take Cover--- the boar at Brockman Farms!! She is one of the most impressive specimens you will ever see and gives us even more excitement about this son of hers! BASES LOADED comes out of an incredibly deep litter that landed in some big-time homes for this show season! He has been the standout from the start and there was never a doubt that he was going to stay a boar for the stud here at PBG! Knock it out of the park with BASES LOADED!

BASES LOADED is a boar built to hit a homerun. He is extremely stout and powerful and is massive in his makeup. He comes at you bold and leaves you with that same extreme width and power. BASES LOADED is VERY expressive in his muscle shape, with a big rolled up back and sharp turn to his edge. He is a huge hipped boar with a very muscular rump. He reads like a very stout hog from his nose to his tail and stands on big legs and huge feet. When he is set in motion, BASES LOADED stays so comfortable and athletic due to his ideal angularity off both ends. Use him on those plainer made females that just need to be stouter and have “more” everywhere and watch out! BASES LOADED!!!