Fan Club

Fan Club

Only Fans x Custom Made

Bred by Beyers Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 37-4    Reg#: 159919004

FAN CLUB!! This big time Chester boar is going to have A LOT of fans!!! We purchased him for $20,000 as a weanling boar at the 2022 King’s of The Hill Pig Sale!! When he first stepped in the preview ring, we knew he was one we absolutely HAD to own! He was one of the most impressive baby pigs of any breed or color we saw all Fall and combined so many positives not often found in one Chester package. Anytime you purchase a boar from Beyers Farms, you know you are buying one that has a pedigree that is loaded with tremendous sow power stacked with females who have won big shows and played an integral role in the improvement of the Chester White breed!! FAN CLUB is sired by Only Fans (Perfect Fit x Selfish Ambition) back on a Custom Made x First Take sow! As you can see, FAN CLUB stacks many generations of highly successful Chester White boars into his pedigree, giving us ultimate belief that he can consistently generate champions at the highest levels! This is one truly impressive creature---FAN CLUB!!

FAN CLUB is one of the most unique and “different” boars of any breed standing here at PBG! He is absolutely wild in his look up front, with crazy neck extension, tying high into his shoulder blade! He is very smooth in the transition from the top side of his neck into his blade, and explodes back into a monster top and back. As you study him from the side, he is deadly in his look, being so elevated through his front 1/3, yet remaining ideal in his length of body to make dominating Chester barrows, boars, and gilts! FAN CLUB has tremendous turn to his edge and roll to his upper rib cage, providing a very impressive upper skeleton. As you get into his center body, he is very pliable and has tremendous depth down through his flank. Watching him drive away, he plants on an ENORMOUS hind leg that remains clean at the joints, and is able to plant, drive, and show the bottom side of his foot as he strides out. FAN CLUB is the kind that is extreme enough to make big waves and have a long lasting impact on the Chester White breed. He has been a favorite of many! FAN CLUB!!!

Winter 2022 Off-Season
(Oct 13 - Feb 15)
(After 11am)
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