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Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not

Here I Am x JOJO x Bone N Hand

Bred by Fontenot Showpigs

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READY OR NOT!!! We think this boar is an absolute STUD! READY OR NOT is our $50,000 weanling boar purchase from Fontenot Farms at the 2022 Perfect Timing Pig Sale! While watching the preview, this boar hit us like a ton of bricks. We thought he was a truly unique pig and had some of those extras and elite traits that the best ones do, and knew he was one we absolutely had to own! After finding his pen after the preview in the back of the barn and studying deeper into his pedigree, we were even more excited at the potential that READY OR NOT brings to the table! He has a very neat blend of genetics throughout the generations filled with boars and sow families that have made an incredible impact on the showpig industry!! READY OR NOT is sired by Here I Am (Skull & Bones x Cruel’s mother), the great proven sire at Brockman Farms who is also a littermate to Believe In Me here at PBG! READY OR NOT’S mother is sired by JoJo (Never Before X Next Man Up) that had a major impact for Heimer Hampshires, and his grandmother is sired by the legendary Bone N Hand (Outta Hand x Bone Collector’s littermate sister)!!! After talking to Willie K at PT, he stated that the Bone N Hand sow that is the grandmother of READY OR NOT has been responsible for a lot of the biggest wins his family has experienced over the years! Needless to say, that all adds up to one powerful genetic punch! John Fontenot has told us numerous times since we purchased him, that he thinks READY OR NOT is the best pig he has ever raised. He’s coming—READY OR NOT!!

READY OR NOT offers those crazy unique pieces that would expect looking at his pedigree! His head/skull shape/ear set is what we would love to replicate every time! He has a stout, masculine boar head, yet is so choke necked and tight throated, with smaller, tight ears that all work together to make for a very attractive look up front! He paints an incredible picture when you look at him from the side with that wild look through his head, his short back, and he flat out just screams zoo animal from every angle you analyze him. That initial first impression is strong as he has a huge chest and maintains this extreme width through his knee and to the ground, while still having his shoulder blade set back in him correctly and proper curvature down through his forearm and front foot. READY OR NOT will blow you away as you study the center portion of his body, with a big, wide sprung rib cage, and expansive body cavity. He is a short bodied, moderate boar that still offers the right proportions to make winning barrows and gilts that hang banners at the highest levels of competition. Even more impressively, he maintains a special kind of athleticism and has extreme flex and reach off both ends of his skeleton. READY OR NOT is built to take big swings and win big shows! He is ready! Are you? READY OR NOT!!!