Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty

Hero x Wooly Legs x Dirty Secret x Bone Thug

Bred by Albright Swine Farms

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CALL OF DUTY!!! This incredible boar was our $150,000 top selling weanling boar purchase from Albright Swine Farm at the 2022 Perfect Timing Pig Sale!When CALL OF DUTY hit the preview ring Friday night at PT, he hit us like a ton of bricks. Visually, he had it all, and when we found out his pedigree, we were absolutely all in and were going to do whatever it took to buy him and bring him home to PBG!! His genetic package offers immense value and brings some fresh air and purebred influence to the crossbred arena! Thanks to the crew at Albright Swine Farms for some outside the box thinking used to create this incredible boar with a different pedigree---something we have all been searching for!! CALL OF DUTY is sired by the incredibly popular Hero (Nomad x Wedding Night x Outmanned) and his mother is a ½ purebred Yorkshire sow (Wooly Legs x Dirty Secret)!!Wooly Legs (Gain Control x The Journey) is the Chuck Olsen-bred purebred Yorkshire boar that was at Kent Hahn’s! The value of having this diversified pedigree filled with so many successful crossbred boars genetic background is exciting in its own right! Combining that with his ½ purebred Yorkshire mother, making CALL OF DUTY a ¼ blood purebred, makes the value of his genetic potential absolutely PRICELESS!!! With all of this said, what makes CALL OF DUTY one of the most exciting purchases we have ever made is that in addition to all the genetic value he brings, he is even more impressive from a phenotypic standpoint! We truly believe that CALL OF DUTY is one of those once-in-a-generation boars that comes around and leaves a long-lasting impact and has the potential to be mentioned amongst the legends of the showpig industry! Here he is……. CALL OF DUTY!

CALL OF DUTY offers so many elite traits into one unforgettable package. He is extremely stout through his skull and has strong substance to his jawline. For a boar representing this extreme stoutness, he remains very attractive through his front end with a clean throat, long neck, and a tight ear set. He is busted open in his chest floor and maintains this dimension and spread as he transitions through his forerib and center body cavity. He leaves a lasting impression with his design and build from the side, offering ideal proportions and a unique presence! The length and slope to his hip is absolutely perfect, and allows CALL OF DUTY to use his big hind leg to reach and motor with incredible range of motion! At the base of his foundation, he continues the trend of being extremely heavy boned, with big feet, and awesome toes. For a boar that offers all of these characteristics, CALL OF DUTY brings loads of power, width, and muscle shape. From his unique genetic makeup to his unrivaled combination of elite phenotypic traits--this is a boar that truly “has it all”! Albright Swine Farms created something very special here! This is the boar that is ready to answer the…..CALL OF DUTY!!!

Winter 2022 Off-Season
(Oct 13 - Feb 15)
(After 11am)
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