Higher Power

Higher Power

Higher Ground x Last Dance

Bred by Hammock Showpigs

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HIGHER POWER is our exciting solid white purchase from Hammock Showpigs at the 2022 Perfect Timing Pig Sale! Todd had mentioned this one to us prior to PT, and while watching the preview Friday, he was a standout and was a pig that we thought offered some extremely valuable pieces that complimented our existing solid white exotic lineup here at PBG very well! HIGHER POWER is sired by Higher Ground (Next Intention x Back On Track’s Mother) the Brockman boar that is off to a great start! HIGHER POWER’S mother is sired by the very popular Last Dance (End Game x Pistols Firing) boar! She is a first litter sow that also had success as a show gilt and was the Champion York at Atoka County, OK, prior to the Hammock’s acquiring her back before OYE. HIGHER POWER’S grandmother would be the mother of Gavin Straka’s 2022 Tulsa State Fair Reserve Champion Yorkshire Barrow. This sow family is incredibly potent, with this sow family also producing the 2022 Tulsa Champion York Barrow, as well as the 2021 COBA Show Third Overall (Champion York) Barrow! We absolutely love this genetic combination and believe the complimentary piece’s represented in HIGHER POWER’S pedigree are very evident as you study him phenotypically! We are very excited about our set of solid white crossbred boars and think we have a set of them that offer so much good and can fit a wide variety of sows! HIGHER POWER is a boar that has had visitors very excited, and we can’t wait to see what he can do!

HIGHER POWER is a just as his name implies, a true POWER boar! He is a moderate framed, short bodied hog that offers incredible show barrow proportions. He is tall shouldered and elevated up front and exhibits a very attractive front end. HIGHER POWER is a very stout featured boar that is super heavy boned and big footed. He opens with tremendous dimension and power front one to end to the other and is absolutely loaded with muscle and product. HIGHER POWER is built to work best on bigger framed, longer bodied females, anticipating he will add extreme stoutness and power, while moderating and adding extra shape and width. This boar has an incredibly bright future, and we expect him to produce deadly Yorkshire classifying barrows and killer blues! HIGHER POWER!

Winter 2022 Off-Season
(Oct 13 - Feb 15)
(After 11am)
Last Call
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