No Exception

No Exception

No Introduction x Cruel Intentions

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: Neg    EN:    Reg#:

NO EXCEPTION is our $37,000 weanling boar purchase from Brockman Farms at their Fall ’22 Brockman Farms Sale where he was their lead off and top selling pig! NO EXCEPTION is one that has caused a stir amongst visitors and we believe him to be one of our favorites we have ever purchased from Brockman Farms—that’s a bold statement, but NO EXCEPTION can live up to that hype! He was an absolutely incredible baby pig, and has been so fun to watch develop through every stage of maturation. He has never had a bad day and has matured into one impressive creature! NO EXCEPTION is sired by No Introduction (No Mas x Lil Bro), the $80,000 weanling boar we purchased from Mollet Showpigs at the ’21 Perfect Timing! No Introduction has become one of the most consistent and successful crossbred boars we have ever owned here at PBG, and we truly believe that he is just scratching the surface of what he can do as a sire and the type of long-lasting impact he can make! NO EXCEPTION’S brings even more genetic firepower to the equation, being a Cruel Intentions sow that is the mother of the 2022 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Reserve Champion Cross Barrow! With NO EXCEPTION’S mother being a sow that has proven she can produce a barrow that can play on the biggest stage, it gives us so much faith in NO EXCEPTION’S generating potential! We love this pig, and believe he’s built and bred to make the kind that WIN at the highest levels of competition! NO EXCEPTION!!!

NO EXCEPTION is a boar that provides so much good into one dynamic package! NO EXCEPTION is a truly rugged, heavy-duty individual!He is absolutely enormous in his bone and foot size and reads like a truly stout hog at every indicator. He is masculine in the shape of his skull, with a prominent jawline, while still being so clean at the bottom side of his throat, with extension and elevation up front! He ties high into his neck, exploding out of the backside of his shoulder blade with power and shape that he carries all the way back. NO EXCEPTION is loaded with hard muscle shape, while still remaining pliable in his center body shape with a big rib cage! His hip and rump design are perfect, and his hind leg plants and drives with extreme reach and range of motion. We love his frame size and length of body, exhibiting ideal proportions to make both dominating show barrows and as well as those valuable junior show gilts! NO EXCEPTION has some of those “extras” that are hard to describe, but you know it when you see it. He reminds us so much of his grandsire, No Mas (V40 x V40s Sister), the Lindner boar we had here at PBG that is one of our all-time favorites, and we view NO EXCEPTION as the 2023 version of No Mas! We have bought lots of boars from Brockman Farms that have made a huge impact! It will be fun to see where NO EXCEPTION falls within that group when its all said and done, but we have EXTREMELY high expectations for what he can accomplish! NO EXCEPTION!

Winter 2022 Off-Season
(Oct 13 - Feb 15)
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