Great White

Great White

White Lightning x Next Intention

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:

GREAT WHITE is our solid white weanling boar purchased from Brockman Farms for $24,000 at The Established! We had heard a lot about this special young boar from Josh and Carrie leading up to The Established and we were excited to see him there! He lived up to the billing and we knew he was one that needed to come to PBG to stand alongside his great sire, White Lightning! We absolutely love GREAT WHITE’S pedigree being a solid white double bred Next Intention!!! He is sired White Lightning (Next Intention x Cruel Intentions) who is off to a very fast start and we are thrilled to have a son of this caliber to build off what he is doing and take it to the next level. GREAT WHITE’S mother is a direct daughter of Next Intention and is a littermate to the 2021 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Reserve Yorkshire Barrow! GREAT WHITE is one that gets us fired up for the Southwest Yorkshire rings, as well as the increasing popular “light cross” divisions across the country. It takes a great one to win---GREAT WHITE!!!

GREAT WHITE is a solid white exotic that can make a big splash! He reminds us as a solid white version of his living legend grandsire, Next Intention. He is so stout and bold, with unreal spread and power up high! He has an enormous back that is very shapely and expressive. The turn to his upper rib is so impressive and he maintains that extra dimension through his center body. He is an extremely stout featured boar that is heavy boned with very large feet. He comes at you like a man, with a rugged look through his skull and turns to show off a very attractive design on the side profile. As he tracks away, he shows off another impressive view with width and power, planting on a giant hind leg. If your goal is to make dynamic southwest “Yorkshires” or killer blues for the “light cross” divisions, this boar needs to be on your “must use” list! Brockman Farms has had an incredible run and the Yorkshire barrow ring has been a major part of that success, as well as the multiple influential solid white boars they have produced! We believe this boar is a testament to all that work and dedication to their white program--he’s a GREAT WHITE!!!

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