Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise

Quite Frankly x King Of The Hill x Outta Line

Bred by Team Sloan

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It’s time to MAKE SOME NOISE!!! This impressive young boar is our $45,000 weanling boar purchase from Team Sloan Livestock at the 2022 The Established!! While looking through the set of pigs at The Established, MAKE SOME NOISE hit us so hard and was one we quickly identified as one we HAD to own! The crew at Team Sloan has been on a rampage, winning big shows across the country at an incredibly high rate! They have built their program known for consistently producing pigs that are impeccable in their build, stout featured, and still have all the extras that are necessary to win at the highest levels. We believe that MAKE SOME NOISE is a boar that perfectly exemplifies all those traits and are very excited to have him here at PBG!! MAKE SOME NOISE is sired by Quite Frankly, who is as popular as any boar we have ever owned here at PBG! The mother of MAKE SOME NOISE is a (King Of The Hill x Outta Line) sow that was one incredible specimen as a show gilt!! She was the 2019 Missouri State Fair Grand Champion Gilt!! She was also the Grand Gilt at the 2019 “The National” and is also the mother of the 2022 Breeder’s Cup Champion D1 Dark Cross Gilt. She has transitioned from a big time show gilt into the kind of sow that makes a major impact! Diving deeper into his genetic lineage, that Outta Line sow in the pedigree is an Ottenwalter female that was a powerful purchase that Team Sloan made at the American Royal several years back. As you can see, MAKE SOME NOISE is backed by generations of hogs that have produced winners at the highest levels of competition, further strengthening our belief that he will be a consistent sire that makes the kind that can win in the big rings across the country. Get up on your feet and MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

MAKE SOME NOISE is the kind of boar that is built to breed to any kind of female and expect big time results! He is very versatile in his frame size, being moderate in his length, while still being very extended and elevated through the front 1/3 of his skeleton. He is a huge ribbed, big bodied boar, that offers extreme spread and dimension starting up high on the top side of his skeleton, carrying down through his center body. He is opened up and shows impressive width and power as he drives right at you, and as he turns and drives away, he shows that look that gets you to the backdrop! He is a big hipped boar that stays true with supreme squareness from the top of his hip all the way to the ground, planting on a big, fat hind leg! At the ground, he stands on big legs and is stout in his bone work, providing a sturdy foundation at the base of his skeleton! MAKE SOME NOISE just has that “look” and natural presence of a champion and we expect him to generate that kind very consistently, producing the kind of offspring that flat out WIN! MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

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