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Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream

Time Out x Look No Further

Bred by Patrick O'Neil

Stress: NEG    EN: 3-5    Reg#: 165120005

Landrace Breed Points: +13

PIPE DREAM is the 2022 Indiana State Fair Grand Champion Landrace Boar we purchased from Patrick O’Neil!! We weren’t necessarily looking for another Landrace boar at Indy, but when one of this breed surfaces that is this unique, we knew we needed to add him to our Landrace lineup here at PBG!!!

We love this Landrace boar and have confidence that he can make a BIG change in the breed!!! PIPE DREAM offer some very extreme, "out there" pieces that can help make big changes in the Landrace breed!! He is enormous in his foot and bone size, and extremely stout in his overall skeletal makeup!! He drives at you with a big, bold chest floor and leaves with that same impressive width and power! For being this stout and bold, he still offers a very attractive look and build from the side! He has a very versatile kind of frame size and scale that should enable him to make elite junior show gilts, as well as barrows that can win big shows!!

PIPE DREAM offers an elite genetic package and a special combo of phenotypic traits to fit a wide variety of Landrace females!! We expect him to make a major impact on the breed!!! PIPE DREAM!!!