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Ring Master

Ring Master

Backdrop x JoJo

Bred by Weisinger Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A

Get ready to take the show ring by storm with RING MASTER!! This is a really exciting young boar we purchased from Weisinger Farms on our trip early this summer!! RING MASTER is sired by the great Back Drop boar and his (JoJo x Kingpin) mother was the $9,500 Heimer-bred gilt exhibited by Brylee Williams that Weisinger Farms purchased as the top selling crossbred gilt at the 2021 CPS Summer Type Conference! This young sow is out of a young, up and coming sow line at Heimer’s, that has already been responsible for major success, which add’s even more value and predictability to the genetic punch he brings to the table! RING MASTER comes out of a very deep litter that was full of standout individuals, which gives us a great deal of confidence in his ability to be a very consistent sire of champions!! We expect him to produce very high quality litters with tremendous depth that are easy to sell and have the right kind of maturity pattern to win early, yet have the gas in the tank be there at their best in the end when it matters most!

There is no doubt Ring Master leaves a lasting impression right out of the gate!! The view he gives you as he drives right at you is deadly and is as good as one can be made in terms of front end, chest and blade assembly! He is big chested and the way that chest transitions in to a big blade and back is very rare! On the profile, RING MASTER is exceptional in his build from the side and all the extras to go with it!! He has a huge back, and as we alluded to above, he reads like a true power hog in the spread out of his blade that transitions into a powerful center body cavity! He maintains excellent structural integrity and stands on a strong foundation of big feet and evenly spaced toes. When set in motion, he is athletic and has great reach and flex! Needless to say, we like this boar a bunch and recommend him with the upmost confidence!! He is the RING MASTER!!!!