Thrill Seeker

Thrill Seeker

Shoot To Thrill x Full Throttle x Loud Mouth

Bred by Lowdermilk Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 7-5    Reg#: 179206005

THRILL SEEKER is an incredibly exciting Spot boar we purchased in a private auction from Lowdermilk Showpigs! Obviously, Troy has been responsible for breeding some of the best boars in the history of the breed and we think THRILL SEEKER has a chance to follow in their footsteps and be a legend in the Spotted breed! He offers a royal pedigree, rich in years and generations of dominating Spots! He is sired by Shoot To Thrill (DW x “7k” Pistol x Smokey) and THRILL SEEKER’S mother is a Full Throttle x Loud Mouth sow that is leaving quite the legacy and making an impact!! In addition to THRILL SEEKER, in this litter she also produced the Lowdermilk Family’s 2022 Team Purebred Jr National 3Rd Overall Spot Gilt as well as the very successful gilt that was exhibited by Grayden Sproull all summer with incredible success racking up big banners!! In addition to all this, and maybe the best indication of her extreme breeding value, THRILL SEEKER’S dam is also the mother of the EXTREMELY popular and successful gilts that were shown by the Guyer and Dore families all last summer!! She is also the grandmother of the Lindsay Dore’s 2022 The Exposition Reserve Grand Overall Breeds (Champion Spot) Barrow and 2022 NJSS Reserve Champion Spot Barrow!! We talked to Troy early this summer about Spot boar prospects he had on feed and he mentioned he had one that he was very excited about. With the track record and reputation of how Lowdermilk’s boars generate and breed on, we knew we would be making the trip to see him and we were pumped to get him bought when Troy did a private bid off auction! We think is a very elite level Spot boar that we have extremely high hopes for!!

THRILL SEEKER offers somewhat of a throwback type of look to the time when Spots were known for having extreme amounts of muscle shape, width, and raw POWER! He is a truly stout made individual that is loaded with mass and product from end to end! Where we believe Thrill SEEKER is so unique is in his ability to do this while still maintaining a balanced, compete, structurally correct package to go along with all those extremes! He offers an attractive look with extension and elevation from his blade forward. He is a stout skulled boar that still maintains strength to his jawline for having this type of extension up through his head and neck. He is very defined in his muscle pattern and carries this shape and mass all the way back to the rear end of his body with a huge hip and powerful rump. He plants and drives off a big hind leg with a square hock and a great angle to his rear pastern and foot. THRILL SEEKER is a big time boar, with a power packed pedigree, from a breeder that consistently cranks out boars that do big things and make a major impact on the Spot breed! We think he will provide those fun trips to the shows that end at the backdrop taking pictures with your family! THRILL SEEKER!!!

Winter 2022 Off-Season
(Oct 13 - Feb 15)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)