Fired Up

Fired Up

Backfire x "Danica" (Next Chapter x He's The One)

Bred by Joostberns Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 10-10    Reg#: 430602010

This Duroc boar gets us FIRED UP!!!

FIRED UP is our $65,000 top selling boar of all breeds in the NSR “The Draft” Online Sale!!He is a very special Duroc boar from an ultra successful breeding program, with a genetic heritage that gets it done time after time!! FIRED UP is sired by the BackDraft son, BackFire, and his mother is the famous “Danica” sow at Joostberns!! She is responsible for countless big wins, as well as most notably also being the mother of Hibachi, Built Different, Alley Oop, Redwire, and BlackStone!! She is a boar. She is a boar generating machine, while still making the kind of show gilts that win at the highest levels!!! The Joostberns firm can flat out getting done, whether you’re talking about Durocs, Hampshires, or crossbreds, they know how to put elite ones together and that conviction to their breeding program is a huge factor in why their hogs breed on and generate!! Like most the hogs at Joostbern’s, FIRED UP comes out of an incredibly deep litter!! FIRED UP’S littermate sisters have already hung banners early this show season!! He is an incredibly impressive individual with all the genetic power you could ever ask for, giving us supreme confidence in his generating ability!!!

FIRED UP is extremely bold and powerful, yet still offers a very attractive look through his head/neck and paints a very neat look from the side profile!! He drives at you with a monster chest and carries this spread and dimension back through his center body and drives away with impressive width and mass!! He does all this in an extremely balanced, correct, flexible package and stands on a strong foundation with big, fat toes! When you find a boar that is this impressive in his phenotype and is backed up by this elite level genetic makeup and winning heritage, it is truly a rare find!! As we said above, this duroc boar flat out gets us FIRED UP!!!

Winter 2022 Off-Season
(Oct 13 - Feb 15)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)