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Grey Goose

Grey Goose

Next Intention x Breaking Rules

Bred by Mullins & Peters Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A

GREY GOOSE was our big-time baby pig purchase from Mullins/Peter Showpigs this Spring where he was the top selling pig in their farm sale! Dave had indicated very early on that this litter was special and this boar in particular was a stud. We kept in touch and when he sent pictures and videos prior to the sale, and after going over and seeing him in person before the sale, he was a no brainer purchase! Sired by the great Next Intention, who is without question one of the most popular and successful boars we have ever had on stud. GREY GOOSE's mother is the 2020 Indiana State Fair Jr Show Grand Overall Gilt!! She is a Breakin' Rules x Skywire and if you saw her at Indy, she was obviously an incredible show gilt that looked like one that had big time boar making potential! GREY GOOSE is a blue belt boar that has been extremely impressive to watch mature and has been very high on visitors list here on tours. We are pumped about his potential!

GREY GOOSE is a really unique hog in his ability to be so stout, opened up, and bold while remaining very square, good looking, and correct. He comes right at you blown way open with a bold chest floor. When you get off to the side and study him, he is so impressive in the look up front and elevation at the point of his shoulder blade, making him extremely tall fronted. He is moderate in his length of body and stature, yet still long in the right spots in terms of his hip design, which allows him to be very flexible with impressive range of motion out of his hind leg. GREY GOOSE is a heavy boned, big footed boar that reads extremely stout at all indicators. He’s a hog that is massive in his width and power he brings from end to end, yet still keeps everything in check from a balance and structural stand point. In addition to all his extreme genetic and phenotypic potential, he is a very cool blue/grey color that makes them very attractive and sellable at sale time!! GREY GOOSE is a blue boar that is built and bred to be great!! GREY GOOSE!!


6th Overall Champion

Richland County Fair

Shown by: Barron Walp

Bred by: Dunkle Creek Show Pigs

Sired by: Grey Goose

Reserve Champion Light Cross

Santa's Swine Showdown

Shown by: Bichard Family

Bred by: Bred Rite Showpigs

Sired by: Grey Goose

Grand Champion Market Hog

Apache County Fair

Shown by: Adele Simpson

Bred by: Smith Showpigs

Sired by: Grey Goose

Grand Champion Division 3, 5th Overall Market

2022 Fairfield County Fair

Shown by: Grace Ahrens

Bred by: Dunkle Creek Show Pigs

Sired by: Grey Goose

Wayne County Ohio

2022 Wayne County Fair

Shown by: Austin Patterson

Bred by: Dunkle Creek Show Pigs

Sired by: Grey Goose

4th Overall Division 1 Cross Barrow

Indiana State Fair

Shown by: Delaney Farmer

Bred by: MAD Showpigs

Sired by: Grey Goose

3rd overall breeding gilt

The premiere show 2

Shown by: Raelynn Meitner

Bred by: Meitner family showpigs

Sired by: Grey Goose