Here to Stay

Here to Stay

Stay Classy x HMB 71

Bred by PBG

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:

Here To Stay

(Stay Classy x HMB 71 x Red 7)

Bred By: Premium Blend Genetics

Stress Negative

HERE TO STAY is one truly special individual out of an incredible litter!! HERE TO STAY is sired by the late, great STAY CLASSY and out of the best sow we have ever had the opportunity to work with. She has generated elite litters of pigs each time that were popular as weanlings and matured into champions!! HERE TO STAY IS a littermate to our $30,000 at King’s Of The Hill Pig Sale, $14,000 Gilt at Perfect Timing, as well as several high sellers that were very popular on our September online sale. His littermate sisters got great homes and have had successful starts to their show careers and ones we have very high hopes for later this Spring!! In her last litter, the mother of HERE TO STAY also produced the 2020 Indiana State Fair Jr Show Champion Division 1 & Fourth Overall Cross Gilt as well as numerous other winners at all levels in her previous litters!! HERE TO STAY is so impressive to look at, and with his genetic background, gives us extreme confidence in what he will accomplish as a sire!!

HERE TO STAY is virtually a carbon copy of his sire. The elite presence, design and overall skeletal build that made STAY CLASSY so popular, are evident in HERE TO STAY at a very high degree! He comes at you with width and power, showing off a monster chest floor while still remaining youthful and attractive. He has crazy shape out of the backside of his blade and maintains a deep groove all the way back. For as much power and width he brings to the table, HERE TO STAY is still square and flexible with awesome range of motion out of his hip and hind leg. HERE TO STAY is going to see several of our best sows here-we have extreme confidence in the ability of HERE TO STAY to consistently sire championship level showpigs!! STAY CLASSY may be gone, but this son is HERE TO STAY!!

2021 Summer Off-season
(May 3 - Jun 30)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)