People Helping People

People Helping People

Safeword x Lock It Up x Best Man

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress: Neg    EN:    Reg#:


(Safeword x Lock It Up x Best Man)

Bred By: Wintex Farms

Stress Negative

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE!!! We have been trying to buy this incredible boar since he was a weanling and are absolutely thrilled to finally get it done!! We will never forget the first time we saw PHP as a young boar and were determined to own him! This is a truly one of a kind boar that can be a dominant force!! Thanks to the crew at Wintex Farms for the opportunity to own this special boar!!

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE is one of those very unique sires that you can breed to a wide variety of sows and expect elite results!! He is so unique in his build and construction, being tall shouldered, freakish in the extension and look he offers through his head and neck while remaining stout skulled and masculine in his jaw. PEOPLE is a big bodied, big ribbed boar that is pulled apart and offers spread and mass throughout his skeleton. He is very expressive in his muscle pattern, exploding out of the backside of his blade, with a ditch running all the way back to a big, square hip! He is incredible in the set and squareness to his hock and range of motion out of his hip/hind leg when he drives! HIs first pigs look incredible and are already finding the backdrop!! PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE is a truly special individual!! Use with extreme confidence!!!

(Jul 2 - Jul 31)
(After 11am)
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