Next Intention

Next Intention

Cruel Intentions x House Money x Step One

Bred by Brockman Farms

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Next Intention

(Cruel Intention x House Money x Step One)

Bred By: Brockman Farms & Billy & Jane Rash


NEXT INTENTION is one truly SPECIAL individual that we are thrilled to now own and be able to offer our customers here at PBG! With the incredible early success and popularity of Cruel, finding an elite son was definitely a high priority for us heading into the Spring breeding season. When Brockman initially posted the picture of NEXT INTENTION, we knew the search was over and this was no doubt the one we needed to own. When we first contacted them about the possibility of purchasing NEXT INTENTION, it was a non-starter due to the extreme use he was seeing within the Brockman herd, along with many others across the country, but they left the door open for a potential future purchase. We stayed in contact through early summer and made the trip down to Montgomery, Texas and sealed the deal. It is hard to put into words how excited we are about the potential generating ability we believe NEXT INTENTION brings to the table. Hold on tight, this one is INCREDIBLE!!

Within about two steps of NEXT INTENTION walking out of the barn, we all knew this was the type of elite individual that does not come along very often!! NEXT offers such a unique presence and build when viewed from the side, being tall shouldered, elevated and extended. He is stout in his skull, heavy boned, and dense in his skeleton. NEXT INTENTION wows you as he drives right at you being bold in his chest and maintains this power and width from the base of his chest, through his knee to the ground. He explodes out of the backside of his blade with true shape with a ditch running from his blade back to a big square hip. He exhibits tremendous turn to his upper rib and maintains great depth of body and flank. As he tracks away, he does so effortlessly with a very comfortable hind leg that plants and drives with ease. He combines so many extreme, far reaching breeding pieces in a complete, fundamentally correct package. Thanks to the Brockman and Rash families for the opportunity to own this incredible boar!!! NEXT INTENTION is one of our favorite young boars we have ever had on stud---this one is absolutely next level-the NEXT INTENTION!!

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After an immense amount of thought and prayer it is with great excitement that we share that NEXT INTENTION and BELIEVE IN ME have found a new home at PREMIUM BLEND GENETICS!!

We sincerely thank the Laird’s for their purchase of these two mature boars that we have a ton of faith in and have used extensively and extremely hard here in Montgomery this spring! We have been abundantly blessed to have had NEXT INTENTION and BELIEVE IN ME here at the farm and we anxiously await their first pig crop coming this fall! They were incredibly hard to part with but we look forward to what they will do at Premium Blend!

Another extremely hard one to part with was a February born 11 litter....Cruel x Cruel’s Mother. He and his litter have been a lot of fun to say the least to watch move from weaning, through the nursery, and to the chip barn and are everything we could have hoped for when we made this breeding decision.

Thank you again to the entire Premium Blend crew for coming to Montgomery and having faith in our program!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

As described by Brockmans when introduced this spring.


Cruel Intentions x House Money X Step One

I’m as excited about this young boar lineup as any set of them we’ve had and this 71 litter boar is just what his name says for us. NEXT INTENTION is made of his daddy’s unique build from the side and shape and use to his rear leg. Where he’ll be so valuable here is his extra spread and boldness from his chest up and head back. His mother and grandmother are two young sows we’re partners with Billy and Jane on that we’re very proud to have and are already making a staple here and give us a little shot of air in his pedigree. Will see very heavy use here. Limited Semen Available.

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