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Walk The Line

Walk The Line

Outside The Lines x Black Out x Shotgun Wedding

Bred by Heimer Hampshires

Stress: NEG    EN: 383-2    Reg#: 156904002


Outside The Lines x Blackout x Shotgun Wedding

Stress Negative

Bred By: Heimer Hampshires

WALK THE LINE is an extremely impressive animal! Our recent trip to the HILL at Heimer Hampshires results in the purchase of three elite Berkshire sires . In addition to OTL, we were also fortunate to have purchased 2 very impressive sons - Walk The Line and Get In Line. These boars not only have the elite genetic power to build upon the success of OTL, they each offer their own unique strengths and areas where excel their sire, making us very confident they can make their own mark and improve the breed while winning big shows!!

WALK THE LINE hit us very hard when we first saw him standing in the herd boar pens at HH! He is the one that offers striking similarities to OTL in terms of his freakish stoutness and power. He is so bold and rugged from every angle! He is cracked open at the base of his chest and maintains this width and squareness through his knee, to the ground.

In relation to OTL, WALK THE LINE offers even more look, height of shoulder and extension, while still being very stout skulled with a masculine jaw line.

Simply put, we think this is one special Berkshire boar! WALK THE LINE!