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Cold Chills

Cold Chills

Goosebumps x Redemprion

Bred by Heimer Hampshires

Stress: NEG    EN: cross    Reg#: cross

Cold Chills

Goosebumps x Redemption

Stress Negative

Bred By: Heimer Hampshires

Cold Chills is a young cross boar from HH that we are expecting big things from!! He is our $21,000 purchase from the 2019 Kings Of The Hill pig sale where he was Heimer’s lead off prospect! We had heard about this one for several weeks leading up to King’s and we were pumped to get him bought!! Sired by the popular Goosebumps boar at HH and out of a Redemption sow, offering a slightly different twist and blend of pedigree for genetic flexibility when breeding. This is another of our weanling purchases from the fall that has stayed true throughout and has exceeded expectations during his maturation process!! COLD CHILLS is a monster!

Cold Chills is a beast when he drives right at you, being huge chested, bold, and opened up! He maintains this spread through the center portion of his body and is wide and expansive as you view the top side of his skeleton. He is a huge hipped boar that offers exceptional width, shape and mass, while remaining square, flexible and correct as he drives away. Barrows that look like this will put you in contention every time. If you've got complete,feminine females that need the EXTRAS, this is the boar for you. He gives us COLD CHILLS!!