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Pride x Hoge

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

Stress: NEG    EN: 315-7    Reg#: 616905007


(Pride x Hoge)

Stress Negative

Bred By: Steve Cobb & Family

We believe BINGO is an absolute outlier in terms of pedigree and phenotype for the Yorkshire breed! We saw BINGO on a spring trip to Cobb’s in 2019 and thought he offered so many positives where the Yorkshire breed was looking for solutions. He was off-limits at that time but we remained in contact for the following months. We were able to reach agreement on him and are very pleased to have him in stud at Premium Blend.

We believe BINGO has the following traits where he offers a very positive impact to the breed:

  • Short-backed boxy design that will allow his off-spring to be show-ready at the correct weight range.
  • Tremendous pastern strength with huge feet and monster toes
  • Extremely tall fronted with a very extended head and neck.
  • Ideal in his ham – loin transition.

We have firm belief in BINGO to be an elite sire of Yorkshire, Southwest Yorkshire, and even blues/crosses.