End Game

End Game

Never Before x Undisputed

Bred by Trogdon Farms

Stress: Neg    EN:    Reg#:

Never Before x Undisputed x Solid Monster

Bred By: Trogdon Showpigs

Stress Negative

END GAME was purchased in the summer of 2019 and has proven to be a tremendously successful sire that continues to gain popularity with each season. End Game is sired by NEVER BEFORE and his is an Undisputed x Solid Monster sow that was 2018 OYE Champion Division 2 Crossbred Gilt! His grandmother was the mother of the 2016 OYE Grand Overall Crossbred Gilt!!

END GAME reminds us a great deal of both Never Before and Undisputed! He offers the elite traits of both sides of his pedigree in one awesome package! He is so attractive in his profile, being cool through his head and neck, level down his topline, with an ideal hip and hind leg! He is tremendous in his width of chest and maintains this power through his center body and offers immense shape and spread up high!

END GAME is ideal in his squareness of hock to the ground and plants, drives, and motors effortlessly!

It is very difficult to find a boar this stout that is so well balanced and functionally correct! END GAME is an extremely impressive mature boar that makes them consistently elite and in large numbers. End Game’s list of Jackpot and County Fair wins this summer rivaled any boar in stud!

END GAME’s popularity continues to climb at a very rapid rate, and he is getting an opportunity on a number of very elite females!

2021 Summer Off-season
(May 3 - Jun 30)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)


Grand Champ Cross Breeding Gilt (Sat) Reserve Cros

2020 Dash for Cash

Shown by: Griffin Family

Sired by: End Game


3rd Overall Breeds Gilt

Indiana State Fair

Sired by: End Game



Reserve Grand Market Hog

West Virginia State Fair

Sired by: End Game



Reserve Champion Cross

2020 Morton County Fair

Shown by: Alyssa Overpeck

Bred by: Gillmore Showpigs

Sired by: End Game

3rd Overall Gilt

Indiana State Fair

Shown by: Gabby Line

Bred by: Rash Family Showpigs

Sired by: End Game