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New Recruit x Its All Good

Bred by Lewis Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: 36-5    Reg#: 503251005


New Recruit x It’s All Good

Bred By: Lewis Genetics

Hampshire Purity Score - 93%

EN: 36-5 Reg # 503251005

5 STAR is our $10,000 purchase at 2019 STC where he was Reserve Champion Hampshire Boar! Sired by New Recruit and backed by an It’s All Good female, 5 STAR represents a strong genetic package with the phenotypic traits to back it up! 5 STAR is out of a deep litter that included a littermate gilt that was highly successful all summer long for the Lewis Family. While watching the Hampshire show in Louisville, we felt 5 STAR was the Hamp boar we were looking for that offered some extreme breeding value, while still being very complete and structurally correct! The recruit we were pumped landed at PBG-5 STAR!

5 Star is freakish in the look and elevation he offers through the front of his skeleton! He explodes out of the backside of his blade with a big ditch running all the way back to his hip. He offers a square, muscular hip and maintains this squareness from the top side of his skeleton down to the ground. At his base, he is square and opened up with sturdy front feet and evenly spaced toes. If you are looking for a Hampshire boar that offers incredible look, shape, with a great set of running gears -5 STAR is the Hampshire boar for you!