Master Plan

Master Plan

Lesson Plan x He's The One

Bred by Beyers Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 11-3    Reg#: 404621003

Lesson Plan x He’s The One X Milestone

Bred By: Beyers Farms

EN:11-3 Reg # 404621003

MASTER PLAN is our $102,500 private auction purchase from Beyers Farms! “I have felt for a long time that this one is the BEST one we have put together to date.”-Brett Beyers! Without question Master Plan has been one of the most popular boars of any color we have ever purchased. Early this summer, we talked to Brett about the boar prospects he had on feed. As he started describing the boars, you could sense the pride and excitement rise to a whole new level as he discussed Master Plan. He told us about his pedigree and the genetic power that made his elite phenotypic traits even more exciting! When a program that has had the type of consistent high level success that the Beyers Farms crew has experienced has this much faith in the ability of a boar to make Duroc hogs better, we are all in! We think Master Plan has a chance to be a legend in the Duroc breed!!

Genetically, Master Plan represents years of showring dominance. Sired by Lesson Plan and out of a He’s The One x Milestone sow that is a littermate to Lane Rinderer’s 2017 WPX Reserve Overall and Crosby Jackman’s 3rd Overall barrow!! His mother is a littermate to the mother of Castin Rash’s 2018 NJSS Reserve Overall Gilt, who was also sired by Lesson Plan making Master Plan a full sib in blood to that great gilt! Visually, Master Plan puts together extreme traits necessary to make big changes within the breed, while also maintaining extreme squareness, flexibility, and overall skeletal design! He offers absolutely freakish look through his head and neck! He drives at you big and bold through his chest floor and maintains this squareness and width all the way to the ground. From the side, he gives you a killer look, being elevated, attractive, and level in his design! When you study the topside of his skeleton, he overwhelms with crazy amount of shape and spread up high with a very expressive, descript muscle pattern!! He stands on huge legs, is very heavy boned with big feet! On the move, Master Plan represents the elite type of athleticism, flexibility and range of motion you come to expect from Beyers Farms! A truly elite boar that we are very proud to own!! When you are putting together your breeding plans make sure they include the MASTER PLAN!!!

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