Hot Take

Hot Take

Hot Wire x High Country x The Prophet

Bred by Ryan Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 12-2    Reg#: 629797002



Hotwired x High Country x The Prophet

Bred By: Lance Ryan Showpigs

EN: 12-2 Reg: 629797002

HOT TAKE and HOT TOPIC are a tremendous pair of Yorkshire boars that are littermates to Avery Rash’s 2019 NJSS Grand Overall Gilt!! We had heard for awhile about the special pair of Yorkshire boars that Lance had on feed and we were pumped to make the trip to check them out! Sired by Hotwired and out of a High Country x The Prophet sow, these boars offer a unique blend of powerful Yorkshire sires that have left their mark on the breed! Most importantly, HOT TAKE and HOT TOPIC offer an awesome blend of the traits that made each of the boars in their extended pedigree so special! Elite pair of Yorkshire boars!!!

Hot Take is our $30,000 private auction purchase and was one that hit us extremely hard as soon as he drove out of the barn. He is bold and dense in his skeletal build, while still being very attractive and good looking! He offers a huge forearm and foot, is extremely heavy boned and stout from every angle! From the side, he is balanced and correct, being tall shouldered, level made, and long hipped. Coming and going, Hot Take offers width and power while being very square throughout! On the move, he is flexible and athletic and struts around the yard like a Yorkshire boar should! He is very strong in his pastern set, with strong, sturdy front feet. This one has it all!! Hot Take is a special boar, out of a special litter, from a proven breeder that consistently wins HUGE banners!!!

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