Square Deal x Visionary x Bear

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

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PBG is very honored to introduce CHECKMATE!!!
Square Deal x Visionary X Bear
Bred by & Owned with Steve Cobb & Family

ABSOLUTELY UNREAL!!! We had heard from several sources that Cobbs had a boar that they had nicknamed “Bad Cat” that was off-the-charts good and we knew we needed to make the trip to check him out. Aaron describes this boar “as unique as I’ve ever seen”! We made the trip to Cobb’s in 2014 and when a boar later known as VISIONARY came walking out of the barn, we knew we were looking at one that had the opportunity to have a tremendous impact on showpig history. We truly believe Checkmate has that same type of ability!

Incredible and very Visionary-like in his look, structure, extension, showhog presence and attitude but what we believe makes him truly futuristic is how blown apart and square he is coming and going and his absolutely massive top and upper rib shape. We think Checkmate represents a very futuristic sire!

An unbelievable boar with a very unique and exciting pedigree! It’s hard to put into words just how good we think this one is and we invite you to come and check him out! He has wowed those that have seen him so far.

Checkmate was in the “ALREADY NAMED HIM / NOT FOR SALE” pen and it took lots of negotiations and lots of cash to get it done. We are grateful and thrilled that Cobbs let this one follow in the footsteps of the many tremendous Cobb sires to Premium Blend!!!

The final move we have been wanting to make - CHECKMATE!

We have head tremendous reports on Checkmate babies with consistent reports of very large consistently high quality litters and cool chromed-up color patterns.

(Aug 2 - Oct 18)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)


Reserve Grand Crossbred Barrow

NJSA SE Regional

Bred by: Steve Cobb & Family

Sired by: Checkmate


Grand Champion Gilt

Oklahoma Youth Expo

Shown by: Dusti Gregory

Bred by: Deterding Showpigs

Sired by: Checkmate

3rd Place Crossbred Barrow

In It To End It Jackpot Show

Shown by: Megan Mansfield

Bred by: Mullins and Peters

Sired by: Checkmate