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Hush Money

Hush Money

Dirty Secret x Bear 274

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A

HUSH MONEY is a tremendously impressive sire to see walk out into the viewing area.Backing that up isa very intriguing pedigree pairing of Dirty Secret with Bear 274 on the bottom side. Bear 274 has done a very impressive job at Cobb’s and adding this genetic potency to the mix, gives us extreme faith in HUSH MONEY and his ability to generate elite livestock!

HUSH MONEY immediately strikes you as a BIG-TIME boar as he drives right at you with his enormous chest floor that he carries from the base of his chest, through his knee, to the ground! From the side, he offers a striking profile, being tall shouldered, level in his build, with a unique look through his head and neck! When HUSH MONEY drives away, he is equally as impressive offering tremendous base width, a big square hip, all while reaching forward and driving with supreme flex and range of motion! He is a truly three-dimensional hog that is SO stout from every angle you analyze him, while maintaining unreal showhog look and presence!

Along with GUNS UP, HUSH MONEY is a boar that visitors often comment that he is much better in person as he brings much more look and extension than many read in the photo. Hush Money would rank asone of the most underrated boars we have in stud. He makes them elite!


Reserve grand overall/champion ms bred

MS state Fair

Shown by: Milla ledbetter

Bred by: Rodgers Family showpigs

Sired by: Hush Money

Reserve Div. 2 Crossbred Gilt

Iowa State Fair FFA

Sired by: Hush Money



5th Div. 2 Crossbred Gilt

Indiana State Fair

Sired by: Hush Money



Class 4 Crossbred Gilt Winner

Oklahoma Youth Expo

Shown by: Stetson LeForce

Bred by: Deterding Showpigs

Sired by: Hush Money

Grand champion

Ms state fair open show

Shown by: Milla Ledbetter

Bred by: Rodgers Family showpigs

Sired by: Hush Money