Family Ties

Family Ties

Dirty Secret x Bachelor Party - Dirty Secret's Sister

Bred by Lackey Livestock

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Family Ties

(Dirty Secret x Dirty Secret’s Full Sister (Bachelor Party x Sugar Daddy)

Bred By: Lackey Livestock

Owned With: Lackey Livestock

OH MY!! Better buckle up on this one! One of the most popular young boars we have ever put on stud!

With the unreal demand and early success of Secret Society, we were immediately in contact with Jason about a return trip to try to buy another one of that caliber! We can say with extreme confidence that we have found one EVEN BETTER!! The siring career of Dirty Secret is nothing short of legendary, so when Jason told us he had a special young boar that was Dirty Secret x Dirty Secret’s sister, we couldn’t wait to make the trip to see him! Thanks again to the crew at Lackey Livestock for the opportunity to purchase Family Ties. We have extreme confidence in his ability to follow in his sire’s footsteps and be an absolute legend in the showpig industry!

We have always found that it was difficult to adequately describe the truly special ones because they just have that “IT FACTOR” that separates them from the pack. Family Ties has about as much “IT” as anything we have ever seen. He offers such a unique combination of stoutness, extreme power and mass with a flawless skeletal build and a freakish look through his head and neck! He drives at you busted open and bold with a high head carriage that ties high into his blade. He explodes out of the backside of his blade, offering overwhelming shape and spread. He is a short backed boar, while still offering really good elevation and look and is also very long and level in the design to his hip which allows him to plant and drive with supreme athleticism and range of motion. When viewing Family Ties, the sheer density and proportions that made Dirty Secret famous are on full display. Family Ties is a truly special individual--HERE WE GO!!

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(After 11am)
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