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Hands Down

Hands Down

Undisputed x Visionary

Bred by Decker Showpigs

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It is no secret the Decker Showpigs firm has been on an unbelievable run and the sow power and predictability behind those hogs makes them very hard to beat! Last Spring, we purchased Silver Lining from the Decker’s and that boar has had an incredible start to his siring career and is one of the most popular boars we have in stud here at PBG! Hands Down is an Undisputed back on the 2015 KY State Fair Reserve Grand Gilt, who was a littermate to the 2015 IN State Fair Grand Overall Gilt! This makes Hands Down’s mother a littermate to Silver Lining’s mother. Hands Down’s mother is also the mother of Decked Out at Heimer’s and Walkin’ Rights at Southern Gold. When Chad contacted us about this boar, we knew we needed to make the trip over to check him out and believe we have found another one that can be an elite level sire!

Hands Down is STOUT from every angle! He drives at you with a big blade, square chest, and stout skull! He is immense in the expansion he offers through the center portion of his body with lots of body and tremendous depth of flank. When you get on top of him, he is still fresh and crisp in his back shape that leads back to a huge hip! He carries tremendous squareness from the top of his hip, down through his stifle and hock to ground. Standing on big, big legs with evenly spaced toes, he still gets out and motors with great ease and comfort! Hands Down is a true POWER hog that still offers good look, design, and a very comfortable build. With his construction, and genetic background, we expect him to be a very predictable sire of champions!