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Bred by Todd Beyers

Stress: NEG    EN: 10-7    Reg#: 149915007

JackHammer is our private treaty purchase from Todd Beyers that we are very proud to offer to our customers! Being sired by proven sire of champions, HillJack back on an Uno sow who is a littermate to Pillow Talk-it becomes obvious that this guy has years of winning predictability running through his veins. This gives us extreme confidence in his ability to generate and make the next generation of Chesters better!

Visually, JackHammer is an extremely impressive specimen. Awesome in his build and construction when viewed from the side, offering excellent balance and design. He is square built from the top of his skeleton down to the ground with big, evenly spaced toes. When you get on top of JackHammer, he blows you away with a descript, expressive back that he carries from his blade back to his hip. He is really good in the design to his hip and hind leg with really good flexibility and athleticism on the move. This is a BIG TIME Chester boar that combines many positive traits to the highest degree!