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Duke x Bear 84

Bred by Diamond V Showpigs

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ROYAL who is our class winning purchase from Diamond V Genetics. As intruiging a pedigree as you can find - THE DUKE on BEAR 84!!! ROYAL hit us incredibly hard and we knew we needed to bring him to PBG!! Sired by The Duke, who had an incredible run in the southwest this spring, on a Bear 84 daughter that Diamond V purchased directly from Cobb!

Phenotypically, ROYAL is an absolute BEAST!! When he drives directly at you he is blown apart and maintains incredible spread and power from the topside of his skeleton through his chest floor and knee to ground!! When you get on top of him he is absolutely ditch backed and carries a very descript muscle pattern from his blade to his hip, carrying this shape down low to a thick, full stifle!!!

When viewed from the side, he is awesome in his proportions, offering ideal length of body and height at the point of his shoulder! ROYAL is very stout skulled but still maintains very youthful and attractive look through the front 1/3 of his skeleton!!

To have this type of power, mass, and overall stoutness and still read with a great amount of show hog look is unique, and ROYAL does this to a very high degree!!! Awesome in his overall squareness of build, structural correctness and offers an ideal set to his pasterns! Phenotypically and genetically-this guy is very, very unique!! We are incredibly excited about what ROYAL can accomplish!!!



Hamilton County Fair

Shown by: Connor Horn

Bred by: Wes Biddle

Sired by: Royal