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Spitting Image

Spitting Image

PSSS BR549 x Big Rigg

Bred by Day, Guyer, Preston

Stress: NEG    EN: 19-2    Reg#: 363594002

SPITTING IMAGE is our $30,000 STC Reserve Champion purchase from Day, Guyer,& Preston.  SPITTING IMAGE is a PSSS BR549 x Bigg Rigg son and it the product via cloning the 2014 Denver Grand Overall Barrow.  

Everyone knows how important that "first look" is in today's showring and we think SPITTING IMAGE comes at you with one of the more powerful but clean front ends we have seen and carries his head high with a tremendous showring presence.  Feet and legs are square and true and can get out and go all day. Tons of shape and power, we think he is the total package to make killer showpigs.

If you are walking behind a barrow that looks like SPITTING IMAGE, you are very likely going to be in the running for BIG BANNERS as SPITTING IMAGE's clone-mate proved by being named the NJSS 4th Overall  Barrow (Reserve Duroc)


Champion Duroc & 5th Overall Barrow

World Pork Expo

Shown by: Nalaney Guyer

Bred by: Chad Day

Sired by: Spitting Image