Our Staff - In order of joining PBG 

Jacob Laird  1-855-724-7447 - EXT 2 , 317-502-7058  - jake@premiumblendgenetics.com

Our oldest son Jake graduated from IU in December 2012 with his Speech & Hearing degree.  Jake was a 4 year starter for Rushville's basketball team and also was All-State in Track & Cross Country.  He continued his running @ IU and was a member of a distance squad that helped IU win the NCAA Indoor National Championship and had a best mile time in the low 4:07 range .

Jake has been obsessed with pigs and spent countless hours in his stroller looking at them while I was building the barns and lots.  He STUDIED every magazine he could get his hands on for as long as I can remember and still does today.   Jake and I initially planned to run the stud on the side but it  quickly became apparent that wasn't going to work as the plan for 3 to 5 boars  became 35 boars in less than 9 months. 

Garrett Cole  1-855-724-7447 - EXT 1 , 765-524-9754  - garrett@premiumblendgenetics.com

Garrett came aboard in  September of 2012 as things kept rolling.  We had known Garrett for several years as he grew up in an adjoining county and we had observed that he has an incredible eye as he has proven  by “getting lucky” and buying a young pig that many passed over and having major success.  Garrett recently raised an incredible litter of Yorks that dominated the 2013 NSR WTC @ Perry GA that included the $17,000 Grand Boar - Cole Mine @ Crossroads Genetics.   Most importantly Garrett also brings a reputation for giving an honest opinion on what he sees in a hog and he knows he is to keep on doing that. 

Garrett's best day around PBG is when he "gets" to cut & weld and he and Nolan handle most maintenance / construction activities.  Garrett will lean toward the Boar Stud and boar care activities in the future.  

Nolan Laird 1-855-724-7447 - EXT 3 , 317-517-0604 - nolan@premiumblendgenetics.com

Our  middle son Nolan joined on in January 2013 and is now working full time at the farm   Nolan is responsible for re-lighting our Poland China passion the last few years and is lead on breeding of the Polands.  Nolan has always enjoyed the farrowing house and is the primary on all farrowing / nursery duties along with teaming up with Garrett on construction / repairs. 

Nolan was a starter on Rushville's 2011 19-2 basketball team that finished the season ranked #2 in the state behind only Cody Zeller's 3-Time State Champion Washington Hatchets.

Non-staff (Family)

Morgan Laird

Our daughter Morgan graduated this summer from IU with her Psychology degree with a minor in Marketing and thus helps me with our advertising. Typically that involves telling me that I try to pack way too much stuff in our ads and to quit using seventeen different fonts in one ad.  Morgan is currently handling many of the office duties while she begins schooling at Paul Mitchell with her goal to one day own / operate a Spa & Studio.  Morgan takes the pigs much less seriously than the boys but loves being around her brothers and will give a big hug or joke when those rare  "times of stress" might occur.

Mitchell Laird

Our youngest son Mitchell is a Sophomore @ IUPUI  Mitch is the clean-up and organizer of the clan and takes care of things like loading the truck/trailer and making sure things are ready to roll.  Mitch likes showing Red gilts and had the pleasure of showing "Molly" our $11,000 STC Champion Duroc Gilt from Malcolms.   I describe Mitch as the “Mike Paul” (before he was famous) of the family – doing the stuff that you don’t always notice but if he didn’t we’d be in a world of hurt. 

Bill & Faith Laird

My mother & father have helped us tremendously over the years and Dad runs errands and delivers semen
and pigs for us and provides
entertainment (especially for Garrett) free of charge. My father passed on Oct 29th and we all miss him every day.

Regina Laird

My wife Regina is truly the backbone of our family and keeps all the day-to-day stuff rolling along.  She has been a “boar-stud” widow for over  a year now and I am very grateful for her hard work and patience.

Ted Laird - 317-402-3742, Ext 4  ted@premiumblendgenetics.com

I was a mechanical engineer and recently "retired" from Rolls-Royce (and it's predecessors) after 32 great years.  Rolls-Royce manufactures turbine engines (not cars - as they sold that division to BMW many years ago).  Contrary to what many have understood, I am not a full-time pastor but I do take that as a compliment and very much enjoy teaching the K-5th graders at our church.

I have shown pigs all my life and perform the business related activities and pitch in where needed.

God is good and he has blessed our family and our staff  beyond measure and I praise him for that.

Thank you,

Ted Laird