Change Of Pace

Change Of Pace

Hammer Down x Got

Bred by Korb Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 7-4    Reg#: 151767004


Owned with Dale WIlde, McGrew Showpigs and Maddie Fugate.

THE LANDRACE BOAR WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! We are always on the lookout for boars of any breed that are true changers or outliers in their respective breeds. We had seen pictures of this boar prior to Belton and thought he fit that description! We were definitely excited to see him when we got down there! He lived up to the hype and we are absolutely pumped to offer a Landrace boar like this to our customers. The most DIFFERENT and UNIQUE Landrace boar we have ever seen!!

CHANGE OF PACE is everything we hoped to find in a Landrace boar. Absolutely HUGE in his bone work and foot size, reading STOUT at every indicator! He is a true power hog that drives at you with impressive spread and leaves you with the same type of width and power. There is genuine shape and spread working from the back side of his blade back to a big, square hip! He carries this product down through his stifle and maintains absolute squareness to the ground! Most impressive, CHANGE OF PACE brings all these extreme characteristics in an unbelievably flexible package, while offering great look, balance, and overall skeletal build and design. A very special Landrace boar!! It's time for a CHANGE OF PACE!!

CHANGE OF PACE offers an incredible genetic punch to back up his impressive phenotypic characteristics! Korb Farms has been responsible for some of the truly elite Landrace individuals and this boar can be traced back to almost every one of those sows responsible for producing those winners! Whenever a boar has this type of genetic horsepower, it gives us even more confidence in his ability to generate true to his elite phenotype. CHANGE OF PACE has the ability to dominate the Landrace breed!

Fall 2019 Off-Season
(Oct 14 - Feb 29)
(After 11am)
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