Box Office

Box Office

Jack In the Box x First Take

Bred by Kneese Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 89-2    Reg#: 153681002

BOX OFFICE!!! What an incredible Chester boar! We had been in contact with Russell Kneese for quite some time about this elite pair of Chester boars and are absolutely thrilled to have purchased this incredible pair of boars!! Russell has been responsible for some breed changing Chester boars including EIN, JACK IN THE BOX, along with many others. When he told us about one that he thought was the best one he had ever raised, we knew we needed to get down to Russell's and make it happen! Simply put- BOX OFFICE is the best Chester boar we have ever seen. We think he has a chance to become an absolute legend in the Chester breed!

BOX OFFICE has all the elite traits you could want in one package! He is deadly from the side, opened up with incredible power and width, with a perfect running gear that should allow his offspring to continually rise to the top!! He is extremely heavy boned, while remaining clean jointed. BOX OFFICE is very tall at the point of his shoulder while maintaining curvature to his forearm and correct slope and angulation to his shoulder blade. When you get on top of him, he overwhelms you with his extreme mass and power he demonstrates from the back side of his blade, back to his hip! He is square hipped, and maintains this squareness from the top of his hip, down through his hock to the ground. BOX OFFICE is an incredible specimen!!!

ELITE BOAR!!!! Thanks to Russell for the opportunity to bring BOX OFFICE and JACK'D UP!! We think they have the ability to make a special impact on the breed!

Fall 2019 Off-Season
(Oct 14 - Feb 29)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)