Guns Up

Guns Up

Secret Society x Hold My Beer

Bred by Wintex

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


Secret Society x HMB x Teen Spirit’s Dam

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress: Negative

GUNS UP!!! Our $35,000 weanling purchase from Wintex Farms at Perfect Timing. Will had told us about this one very early on and was very excited about him. We thought this pedigree was an incredible blend of impressive individuals and were definitely excited to see him when he got to Perfect Timing. We absolutely loved him when we purchased him and he has been a truly fun animal to watch mature and develop. Guns Up is an absolute BEAST!

Guns Up is made much in the same mold and pattern as his great sire! The first thing that strikes you is his absolutely enormous legs. He is truly one of the heaviest boned boars we have ever seen. What makes him unique in that regard is that he remains clean in his joints and is very athletic in the way he can plant and drive of his rear legs. Guns Up is square made and proportionate in his overall build when viewed from the side. He is boxy and short backed, yet still offers a great look from his blade forward and is very correct and flexible in his overall skeletal build and makeup. As he drives right at you, he truly gives you the look of a champion show hog, being busted open with supreme squareness blade to ground. His foot strikes the ground with a strong, sturdy set to his pasterns on square, evenly spaced toes. When you are looking to stand out and make a strong impression in the “big league” shows, it takes a truly unique animal to rise above the rest. Guns Up offers all those extras in one dynamite package. Let’s ride!!

Fall 2019 Off-Season
(Oct 14 - Feb 29)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)