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Giant Step

Giant Step

Leaps & Bounds x Amped Up (Leaps & Bounds Dam)

Bred by Korb Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 6-8    Reg#: 618965008

Leaps & Bounds on Leaps & Bounds mother!!!

Giant Step is our Yorkshire off the farm purchase from Korb Farms that we are thrilled to add to our York lineup at PBG! When we heard Korb had a Yorkshire boar at the farm that was a Leaps & Bounds back on his mother, we were immediately intrigued. After seeing the picture of him, we were hooked and made the trip over to Ohio to seal the deal! A tremendous Yorkshire boar backed by a pedigree full of record sellers and serious breed advancers-Giant Step can make the next generation better!!

Giant Step is a true outlier for the Yorkshire breed! He is huge chested and very stout and rugged in his build and skeletal makeup! He is very bulky and massive through the center portion of his body with a huge rib cage and exhibits great depth of body and dimension. Giant Step is huge legged, has big feet, with an ideal set to his pasterns. He exhibits a smooth transition in his ham/loin hookup and is square from the top of his skeleton to the ground. With all his power and width, Giant Step is still an attractive boar when viewed from the side and balances up with great proportionality. We think Giant Step is tailor made for those tall, skinny York sows that need more power, mass, and bone without sacrificing the structural integrity and look necessary to win at the highest levels of competition. Look for Giant Step to make a GIANT impact on the Yorkshire breed!!