Wedding Crasher x Visionary x Swagger

Bred by Brinning

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NOTORIOUS is one of the most exciting crossbred boars we have seen in a long, long time!! He is incredibly heavy boned, big footed, and stout featured! He is awesome in his build, construction and show hog design. NOTORIOUS offers a very descript muscle pattern and is unmatched in his spread up high with an absolute DITCH back and carries that bulk down through the lower part of his skeleton! He is very sound, correct, and clean in his joints. Combining 3 of the most influential sires in the last decade gives us tremendous confidence in his generating ability!! We have great faith in what NOTORIOUS can accomplish in making better boars, barrows, and gilts - we think he can do it all! Thanks to Billy Wolf and Rockin’ G Farms for partnering up with us on this incredible boar!!

Jan & Feb 2018
(Jan 6 - Feb 28)
(After 11am)
Last Call
(After 2pm)


Champion Heavyweight Crossbred


Shown by: Mikala Grady

Bred by: Rockin' G Swine Farm

Sired by: Notorious