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Swagger x Heat Wave

Bred by Heimer Hampshires

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A

We had discussed purchasing a Swagger son with Jesse for a few months so on our way back from an awesome OYE, we stopped thru to see 3 sons he had retained We were very impressed with all 3 of the boars. When we were able to finalize the purchases of BONE THUG & BONE CHILL for our exotic line-up, we figured we were out of the picture on any of them.  But when the boar Jesse told us most resembled his dad was going for what we thought was an absolute steal, we could not pass him up. If Jesse had said we could have the #HASHTAG for $6000 when we stopped thru, I would have loaded him in the back seat of the car - and it was my wife's car!!!

Here is how #Hashtag was described in the online sale.  - “89-1 represents everything that's been so good and so consistent with Swagger offspring. Of this trio, he's the most 'typical' of a Swagger-sired boar in terms of his look, body shape and muscle. This boar is absolutely monster chested and extremely square from his blade to the ground. His back shape starts immediately behind a massive blade that sits wide and he's as square and true all the way back as you'll find. He has the patented Swagger 'look' - his head carriage is naturally high and without effort. Many Swagger barrows seem to find another gear when the drive wears on and this guy is no exception. He's as mobile and athletic as you'll find for one with this much width and muscle. When I say this one is a typical Swagger, I also mean this one should generate like Swagger. He should stamp the same look, muscle and build - consistently - and that consistency can be awful hard to find in this business.  This boar truly represents everything that has been so good with Swagger.

He has been extremely popular so far and if he comes anywhere near his dad – this will be one of the best investments we have made and we believe will provide a valuable option for our customers.



Pricing May 29 to June 30  List Price $75  Overrun (After 11 AM EST) $50  Last Call (After 3 PM EST)  $50


Grand Champion Market Swine

Delta County Fair

Shown by: Lauren Kiefer

Bred by: Tawny Roberts

Sired by: #HASHTAG

Res. Hamp Barrow

Rio Grande Valley

Shown by: Tristen Cruz

Bred by: Tristen Cruz

Sired by: #HASHTAG